Indianapolis Website Testing & Validation

Website Design Process Stages

Website Testing & Validation

The testing and validation stage ensures that each website functions properly, while adhering to web standards.

  • Web Page Testing  Each web page is tested to ensure it displays properly.

  • Web Browsers Testing  It's an unfortunate fact that websites don't display the same way in every web browser, especially older ones.  We test each website against a number of different browers and browser versions.

  • Web Standards Validation  Each web page is validated against today's international website standards.  Style sheets are also validated.  This ensures the website displays the same in different browsers.

  • Accessibility Validation  We strive to make our websites accessible to those with physical impairments.

  • Usability Testing  The final test is to make sure each website is easy to use, easy to navigate and easy to find information.
Indianapolis Website Testing & Validation