Indianapolis Website Design Process

Website Design Process Stages

Website Design

The website design process takes the website from concept to reality.  It starts with a graphic image and ends in a full-blown website.  Our process includes:

  • Home Page Mock Up  Prior to creating the website, the first step is to create a "mock up" of the home page.  This allows the customer to review and approve the design.

  • Working Home Page  Once the mock up is approved, a working home web page is created.  This is usually the most difficult step in the web design process.

  • Secondary Page Template  After the home page is functioning, a template is created for the remaining pages.  These pages usually, but not always, have the same general look and layout.

  • Content  The next step, which is the most time-consuming, is to add the content to each page.  Content includes text, graphics, search engine optimization and custom programming.

  • Search Engine Optimization  Each page receives basic search engine optimization.  Additionally, HTML and XML site maps and a robots.txt file are added.

Indianapolis website design process