Indianapolis Website Information Gathering

Website Design Process Stages

Website Information Gathering

Before we even design a website, a considerable amount of time is spent gathering information about the client and its competitors.  This includes:

  • Initial Consultation  At the beginning of every project, we sit down with the customer to map out a website plan.  We determine the business' needs and tailor a website solution to meet those needs.

  • Company Information Collection  The first step in the project is to collect customer information, including company information, product information, services offered, key staff, directions, testimonials, news and contact information.

  • Best Practice Research  We research each company's key competitors to determine what type of web and social media presence they have.  We incoporate the main features of the competitor's website, while adding new features to make the company's website stand out.

  • Search Engine Research  We also research where each company and their competitors rank on basic search keywords  This provides the framework for the website's basic search engine optimization.

  • Marketing Material Review  The last step, just prior to the website design, is to review the company's marketing material - logo, business cards and print material.  This provides us with a guide in developing the website by maintaining consistent colors and graphics.
Indianapolis website information gathering