Indianapolis Custom Web Programming


Custom Web Programming

Our programming expertise includes a wide range and type of programming languages - from high-level procedural and scripting to machine-level and fourth generation - as well as many more obscure languages that most people have never heard of or used.  Examples include:

  • PHP, ASP, JavaScript & VBScript
  • FORTRAN, Pascal & Basic
  • Informix & DataFlex
  • Intel Assembler & PL/M

Application development examples include: automotive, wire harness, scrap material reuse, computer to test equipment interface control, 4GL database reporting, website programming and website/database integration.

Oongawa Design focuses primarily on open source web development utilizing the LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) stack.  Our custom programming includes everything from login authentication and automatic password retrieval to full-blown, back-end administrative areas, database reporting and complete website applications.

Case Study

Express Medical Records

Express Medical Records is a nationwide legal document and medical record retrieval and management company.  The company offers its customers an on-demand, web-based medical records document management and retrieval system.

Oongawa Design designed and built Express Medical Records' document managment and retrieval system.  The system was programmed in PHP and connects to a MySQL database.  The primary features of the system are the uploading of legal and medical records to a customer account and the customer's ability to download those documents.  A "back-end" administrative area allows Express Medical Records to maintain customer accounts, upload documents and run reports.