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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to design functional, navigable, high-quality, and creative solutions to satisfy our customer's needs.

At Oongawa Design, each web site is custom-tailored and hand-coded to meet the needs of the client and the specific project.  We model our web site design on four basic principles: functionality, navigability, quality, and creativity.

  • Functionality  A website is an extension of your business.  Your product or service must be immediately recognizable and the website should reinforce your branding.

  • Navigability  Well-designed websites should be easy to navigate.  A frustrated visitor is a lost customer.

  • Quality  High-quality websites positively reinforce your company's image.  Do you want the professionalism of your business undermined by a badly-designed, poor-quality website?

  • Creativity  We strive to design simple, yet creative websites that differentiate themselves from poorly-designed websites.  Potential customers will remember a creative, professional-looking site more than a plain and poorly-designed site.
The mission of Oongawa Design, located in Indianapolis, Indiana