Indianapolis Social Media Design, Marketing & Integration


Social Media Design, Marketing & Integration

Today, just having a website is not enough - to be successful, you must embrace social media.  Social media should be an integral part of every business' marketing plan, because it allows the business to engage directly with its customers.  Social media provides businesses with a voluntary, captive and willing audience.

Social media can be confusing and intimidating.  Ooongawa Design can help you set up your social media account, design your social media page and integrate it with your website.  We can also handle your social media marketing.

Indianapolis social media design, marketing & integration

Case Study

J. Razzo's Italian Resaurant & Wine Bar

J. Razzo's is an Italian Resaurant that is embracing social media as part of its overall marketing campaign.  The restaurant has a Facebook page, twitter account, LinkedIn profile and blog.

As part of the website design, Oongawa Design integrated J. Razzo's Facebook page, twitter feed, LinkedIn profile and blog into the website.  The Facebook page displays J. Razzo's most recent posts, friend's comments and Facebook friend's pictures.  You can also like the page, send a message to a friend and leave Facebook comments directly on the web page.  The twitter page displays J. Razzo's twitter feed and allows you to follow J. Razzo's or tweet directly from the web page.  The blog page displays the J. Razzo's blogs from Blogger.  The LinkedIn page displays J. Razzo's profile and allows you to follow J. Razzo's, share their profile and recommend the restaurant from the web page.